Julia Gaffney
Julia Gaffney Properties LLC

I work with a lot of buyers.   I am asked to help guide them through this very involved process but my job is to help simplify the process.

First Step is Talking to a Mortgage Broker.  Its important to talk to a professional who can help determine what you need to do to prepare months in advance.  From paying down debt, to restoring credit, to determining the type of loan that would work best for you.  The highlighted link below, Shopping for a Mortgage is helpful.   I also can supply mortgage broker names whom I have worked with and trust.  

After this process, a pre approval is created to determine what your buying power will be.   Meaning, how much you can spend on a house.   Once the pre approval is secured, then I help you  find the house of your dreams.  

Please see the highlighted link below, 8 Steps to Buying a Home.  This is a simple guide but the process is very involved and that is where my expertise comes in to play.   I will be available to answer all your questions and walk you through the process till the keys to your new house are in your hand.


Guide to When Shopping for a Mortgage


8 Steps to Buying a Home