Never Too Early to Plan a Garage Sale

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3 Tips for a Successful Garage Sale
There's nothing quite like having a good old-fashioned garage sale to turn your unused and unwanted stuff into cold, hard cash. While it's a lot of work to do it successfully, the pay-off is well worth it. Below, we discuss the how-to and offer words of advice to help you pull off a successful garage sale of your own.
The Planning Stages
The first step to planning your sale is to pick a date. Try to choose a time when the weather is moderate as the sweltering heat of summer can deter shoppers. Fridays and Saturdays are the most popular days for garage sales, but feel free to include Thursday and Sunday as your schedule permits. The next step is to gather your stuff. Grab a box and go through your home room by room throwing in things you no longer want or haven’t used for a long time. Don’t be afraid to throw in things like old chargers or power strips. You may not know what they belong to, but someone will likely buy it. The last thing to do in the planning stage is to acquire the proper permits. Many municipalities require a permit to run a garage sale, so be sure you have it or you could face being fined and/or shut down.
Advertising Your Sale
Before your sale is set to begin, take some time to get the word out. Place newspaper ads as many people turn there first to find local garage sales. Be sure to list some of the most important items you have for sale as well as the dates and times that you’re open. The Internet is full of websites that allow you to post your garage sale for free. Some of the most popular include: - Craigslist - Yard Sale Search - Garage Sale Hunter - Yard Hopper - Garage Sale Source The last part of the advertising stage is posting signs in and around your neighborhood to draw in passersby. Before posting signs, however, check with your local police station to see if it’s okay as some communities have outlawed them. If they are legal in your area, all you need is some brightly colored poster board and a Sharpie to get your point across.
Prepping for and Throwing Your Garage Sale
At least a day before your sale is slated to begin, gather the supplies you’ll need. The following list is not all inclusive, but it gives you a good place to start. Tables Chairs - A payment station - Pricing stickers - Pens/markers - A change box - Bags Be sure you have plenty of change on hand because chances are, you’ll need to make $19.95 in change for your first customer. Also, be sure you price your items to sell. The whole purpose of holding a garage sale is to get rid of all your junk, so price it to move. About an hour before the sale is to begin, start getting ready. Find a comfortable, shady place to collect payments and get yourself ready for the day ahead. Be prepared to answer lots of questions and to haggle with a lot of customers. Don’t be afraid to turn away crazy-low offers on the first day because someone else will likely come along and pay what you’re asking.
An old-fashioned garage sale is a great way to get rid of the stuff you no longer want or use. Use the tips above to throw a successful garage sale of your own.