Man Cave Tips

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As a man, you work hard to provide for your family, right? In return, all you ask for is a little peace and quiet once in a while to watch a game or hang with your buddies. This can be difficult if you live in a small house or have a large family, so below, we’ve provided some tips to help you create a space to call your own – the ultimate man cave.

Choose the Right Location
Even if you live in a small house, you should be able to find a space that will work for your man cave. Obvious places include the garage, the attic, and the basement. If none of these works, get creative and think outside the box. With a little imagination and effort, even an oversized closet can be the perfect man cave.
How Will You Use It?
What purpose will your man cave serve? Will it just be a place to hang out? Will you use it to work on projects? Maybe it will be a fun space complete with a big screen TV and surround sound. Your man cave doesn’t have to serve a particular purpose, but it should be themed specific enough that it doesn’t become just another space in your home.
Don't Forget About Heating and Cooling Your Cave
Since many man caves are located in the basement, attic, and garage, it's important to consider insulation and a means of heating and/or cooling the space for year-round use. This should be part of the creation of the cave rather than an afterthought when the room is finished.
Figure Out What You Need
If your man cave is meant to be a hangout, you’ll want to bring in plenty of comfy furniture. If it’s meant to be a theater, you’ll want to get a good home theater system. A man cave that’s designed to be a game room will need things like a game console, foosball table, and possibly a pool table as well (space permitting, of course).
The Finishing Touches
No man cave is complete until you’ve decorated the walls with things that are important to you. This is your space, so anything goes as long as it’s what you like. You know that stuffed fish your wife won’t let you hang in the living room? Your man cave is the perfect place for it, so get it out, dust it off, and give it a new home front and center.
Every man deserves a space to call his own and creating the ultimate man cave is exactly what the doctor ordered. Use the tips above to find a space in your home and begin building a man cave of your very own.